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Bioserica® KN95 Antibacterial Mask (5pcs/pack)

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Maximum protection with antibacterial properties - that's all you need in a high-performance face mask. Our new Bioserica KN95 antibacterial face mask is made of natural plant-based Bioserica fibers that have superior antibacterial properties (tested and proven) and can protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses, smog, and even dust. It is also skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and anti-odor, so it is comfortable to wear all day long. It is also sterile packed, so it is hygienic and you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Product features:

  •         95% Filtration Rate
  •         KN95 Protection Level
  •         Bioserica® bio-based antibacterial and antiviral Meltblown
  •         Anti-odour
  •         Hypoallergenic
  •         5 ply filtration design for full protection
  •         Sterile sealed packaging for easy and hygienic use

Packing details: 5pcs/pack

Compliance Standard: GB2626-2019

Health Standard: GB15979

Materials: Bioserica® Non-woven Fabric, Meltblown Non-woven, Spunbond Non-woven, Elastic Earloops, Nose Clip

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Biosericaâ Fiber is the world’s first new high-performance bio-based antibacterial fiber. This plant-based fiber is made from a blend of co-polyesters – PHBV and PLA; both are extracted from the selected microbes which feed on glucose from corn starch as the main source of carbon for microbial growth. Through the spinning technology, a new and special fiber – Biosericaâ is produced. As Biosericaâ fiber is made entirely from plants, this fabric can be degraded naturally, therefore it is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

PHBV in Bioserica® fiber can destroy bacterial cell walls and viral protein coats, causing cellular content leakage and killing of these microbes. University studies have shown that Bioserica® is able to reduce 99% of the commonly found bacteria in our habitat within 18 hours of contact with its fabric surface. Since its antibacterial effect is permanently embedded within the fabric, Biosericaâ retains its ability to self-sanitize even after many washes, making it one of the most durable, safest, and sustainable antibacterial fibers available to date. Thus, Bioserica® fibers are used in a diverse range of products and applications, including home textiles, maternal and infant products, undergarments, and other apparel. Bioserica® fibers have also been incorporated into medical care and medical protective products used in clinics and healthcare facilities to fight against infections. 


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