Product Technology

What is NAG™ Bioceramic Sleepwear?

NAG™ Bioceramic fabric is a blend of premium cotton and a “Smart Yarn” from Resistex, Italy. It has been impregnated permanently with several nano sizes of thermo-active minerals such as Magnesium Dioxide (MgO₂), Aluminium Oxide (Al₂O₃), Titanium Dioxide (TiO), Silicon Dioxide (SiO₂) and Zink Oxide (ZnO) to incorporate thermic capacity and light reflection properties into the fabric. 

What are the benefits of NAG™ Bioceramic Sleepwear?

1. Emission of Far Infrared Ray (FIR)

What is FIR?

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is a thermal radiation with a wavelength of 3-1000 μm. It is also known as “Life Ray or Biogenetic Radiation” for its beneficial to human health.  These rays are emitted by sunlight, human body, metals and some minerals. Some research studies in the biological field have demonstrated that the FIR with wavelength of 3-14 μm is absorbed with great ease by the organism, to which they would provide an indispensable contribution to the growth and development of cell tissues. 

How does NAG™ Bioceramic fabric works?

When NAG™ Bioceramic fabric is in contact with human body, it will re-emit and reflex the heat generated by human body and convert this thermo energy into far-infrared rays (F.I.R) back to the body. FIR reflected from NAG™ Bioceramic fabric will purely generate gentle radiant heat which can penetrate deep into the soft tissue of your body and perceived by thermoreceptors to provide not only thermal comfort but also thermal therapy. It will further induce subcutaneous protein, collagens, fats and water molecules to vibrate, elevating tissues temperatures and causing blood vessels to dilate which will improve blood microcirculations. Scientific studies showed that the improvement in blood circulation will enable our blood to send more nutrients, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies into the tissues to facilitates the removal of catabolites. These biological modifications leading to faster tissue and muscle oxygenation, enhances the repair and recovery of damaged tissue and accelerate the resolution of inflammatory that contributing to therapeutic effects and healing. Thus, our NAG™ Bioceramic clothing is potential to exhibits many health benefits such as*:

  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Promote regeneration and rapid healing of muscle tissues
  3. Relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint and muscle discomfort 
  4. Reduce post-exercise fatigue and muscle pain 
  5. Promote quality/restful sleep and improve body freshness
  6. Relief stress

Important remark (*): NAG™ Bioceramic Sleepwear is not a medical product. For total health and wellbeing, it should be coupled with healthy lifestyle such as healthy and balance food intake, sufficient of exercise, rest and etc. It is not merely depending on single aspect.

2. Improved Body Therma Regulation 

NAG™ Bioceramic also features a property of thermal regulation that ensures our body temperature is maintained at all times, especially in cold weather. This property will further promote a quality sleep.

3. Permanent Effect

These minerals are fully embedded within the fabrics for guaranteed constant effectiveness of the properties even after multiple washes over time.