Customers' Testimonials

Jessie         - The material looks thin, however very warm and cosy especially wear during chilly days. Appreciate if the design can be better.


Andy Yap   - More calming sleep quality

                    - Material is super comfy ????

                    - Hot nights feels warmth

                    - Cold nights feels cool

                    - Effects...Rest deeply, Sleep peacefully, Dream sweetly


Ady              - Very comfortable sleepwear


Joyce Chan  - The fabric is very soft and comfy


Ng Kwai Weng - It really improves my overall sleep quality, no disturbance and sleep throughout the night till next morning. Feel recharge and energize! Good recommendations for you to have it.

                           -The sleepwear is made of good quality fabric and it gives you comfort throughout the night, which is important in maintaining a quality sleeping time.


Jacob                  - Very comfortable


Sara                    - Comfort and nice to wear


Grace                  - Very comfortable material, cooling and soft


Tan Kok Lam      - Good quality and comfortable.


Gan Kah Long    - I think I have deeper sleep and less waking up at night.

              -  Worth trying out if having sleeping issue.


Stephanie Ng    - Feel more energetic the next day compare previously. Very comfortable.


Emily                   - Common, nothing very special


Christina            -  Better sleep and more refreshed the morning

              - Comfortable and good night sleep


Pang Wei Low    -  a comfort sleep wear


Jenn                    -  Good quality